How GPS can help us keep safe on the road?

In today’s world , where technology is capable of such severity that has an impact on virtually every aspect of daily life, it does not seem strange phenomenon that most of the technological facilities is directed to maintain the highest level of safety.

GPS technology which spread very easy to move around the globe. With accurate maps do not have a problem with the location in field. The most obvious application of GPS is a satellite navigation of vehicles, aircraft and shipping . This system allows each user to a GPS receiver to determine its own very precise speed and position on the map , in the air or at sea. Drivers can use portable satellite navigation to stick to designated routes, find detours , and when you install additional software to receive information about traffic and safety camera deployment .

The GPS system is used by different users. Tourists and people who like open space can use GPS receivers make sure that it deviated from the route , and designate a meeting place . Gamers can participate in the game field geocaching, which is kind of treasure hunt for the digital age , where participants have the task of finding the hidden hideout using precise GPS signals.

Emergency services can use the GPS system is not only faster than ever to find your way to the scene of the accident , but also for precise position, which will allow departments to quickly find another place for the event . This is especially useful in search and rescue at sea and in extreme weather conditions on land, the time may prejudice the life or death.

How does GPS work? GPS satellites still orbiting the earth . Each of them sends your call sign , the current position of the orbit and the exact time . The principle of position determination is based on measuring the time of arrival of the signal from the satellite to the receiver , which is necessary for calculating the distance between the receiver and the satellite (see How to calculate GPS position below). How do you measure the time ? First, know what time the signal was sent from the satellite . It is also known moment of arrival of the signal to the receiver. However, the clock is located in the receiver is not as accurate as that contained in a satellite. This balance may be revised based on the result of timing signals from four satellites . In order to accurately determine the position of the GPS receiver ( latitude, longitude and altitude ) , it is necessary to calculate the distance from at least four satellites . Obviously, the more satellites , the more precisely determine the position of the receiver.

Recently the designers came up with some ideas to use the GPS system to increase safety on the roads. One of the first of such ideas is the global integration of GPS transmitters placed en masse in cars. Thanks to this global system of computer with appropriate software is capable of recording routes and road users through specific calculations earlier warning about the possibility of a potential collision. Of course, the system would have to be placed in each new series-production model of the car , and the main computer performing the calculations and automatically warn drivers would have to have adequate computing power . This does not preclude the existence of several such centers of global electronic traffic control , aiming to adequately reduce the number of accidents or completely eliminate the possibility of an accident . In addition to being the driver would previously warned of the impending threat, would receive as information about traffic and approaching obstacles on the road that could cause a delay . There are many technical and economic issues over which you would have to seriously consider , however, it seems that the idea of ​​such monitoring motor vehicle traffic could bring the expected results.

However, there are many opponents of such an idea . Although the undoubted security could be increased , users might be afraid of excessive surveillance position in which they have their car . Come to the fore here in particular the most ardent supporters of all possible conspiracy theorists who fear that the state will have anytime access to information, where their car and will continue to significantly limit their personal freedom . Some people are afraid of the fact that criminal organizations could hack into systems monitoring the route and use this data to track people or use them in any other way for their unfair practices. You can not say that the opponents of this system are wrong , you think about it or not worth the risk for the general good . People are worried that state institutions will strive to greater control over its citizens and seek to minimize . It is commonly believed , however, that probably the good side of this system will prevail and people will , however, willing to use it.

Another idea that could be implemented in motor vehicles is a device very reminiscent of the so-called black box . The principle of its operation is quite simple and could explain many disputes and unexplained circumstances of the accidents . Well, in a motor vehicle is mounted machine that reads the exact parameters of the vehicle for the last 30 minutes. These data include: vehicle speed, current weight of the vehicle , the route saved as waypoints , fuel level , speed , and more. As a result, in case of an accident , you can read the parameters and use these data to establish the guilt of the accident.

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