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Smart watch real time GPS Remote Tracking

We are working very hard to provide new features related to real time GPS Tracking on platform

Our ambitious goal to have fully support of new types of the devices.

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Responsive Web design

Today we have completed the first part of the spysat main page modifications.

The aim of the work is to adapt the format to mobile devices (responsive version)

In some places there may still be errors that will be corrected within the next few days

We recommend removing the cache in the browser (CTRL + F5 key combination)

How GPS can help us keep safe on the road?

In today’s world , where technology is capable of such severity that has an impact on virtually every aspect of daily life, it does not seem strange phenomenon that most of the technological facilities is directed to maintain the highest level of safety.

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GPS in phones – basic informations

Global Positioning System (GPS) – GPS- NAVSTAR properly (Global Positioning System – NAVigation Signal Timing And Ranging ) – one of the satellite navigation systems , created by the U.S. Department of Defense , including its coverage over the entire globe. The system consists of three segments : the space segment – 31 satellites orbiting the Earth at an average orbit , ground segment – control and monitoring stations on the ground and user segment – signal receivers . The purpose of the system is to provide the user with information about its location and to facilitate navigation in the area.

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Welcome to SpySat official blog

Welcome to SpySat blog. This site was created to help you understand what spysat is and discuss new features of our service.

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