SpySat client – problems of high power consumption in the process of on-line tracking [RESOLVED]

As many user noticed continuous on-line tracking causes some serious problems with battery.

We have received toady an report from Samsung with the following content

We are USYS which is a subcontractor of Samsung mobile.
We are testing app and site compatibility for the Samsung android devices and find the issues.

It has come to our attention that the mobile application “SPYSAT – free GPS tracking” currently available from the Google Play service is seriously malfunctioning on a number of Samsung Mobile Devices.
In an effort to understand the issues raised by our end users, we have downloaded and tested the application on the following devices;

- Galaxy S4

and can confirm that it does not seem to be performing as expected. Correcting this issue will result in a more pleasurable experience for both your customers and ours. For more details please see the following error report.


Current battery consumption is too high

App name (version)

SPYSAT – free GPS tracking ver. 2.34

Device resolution


Operating system

Android version 4.3

System language




Steps to reproduce

1. Run the app
2. LCD off
3. Wait 6 min
4. Observe



Actual results

Current battery consumption is too high

Expected results

Current consumption should be normal level

Kind RegardsSamsung developer relations

We have prepared path and it fix is now available on Google Play under the version 2.36

SPYSAT – free GPS tracking ver. 2.36

Please upgrade SpySat on all Android devices

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